regulating visibility

a purim art show

on mysticism, existentialism and revelation


the talmud begins: the megillah is read. here, the signal of revelation is initiated.

the mystical entwining travels in the spaces between the seen and the unseen.

can we tune to the dance?

the truth masks itself in the depth of the known to be unknown.

a call : dress in the divine to see the unseen.

who is the divine amidst political chaos?

an art show centered on talmudic wisdom

delving into the unseen heart

painting the divine beauty

through the medium of print making.

join in celebration, in mourning,

in uniting with the divine.

by hadar cohen


opening night

wednesday, march 8th @ 7 pm

fb // rsvp

wholly writing:
a workshop in devotion with Leora Fridman

thursday, march 9th @ 7 - 9 pm


shabbat prayers && dinner

friday, march 10th @ 6 pm

fb // rsvp

megillah reading && purim feast

sunday, march 12th @ 12 pm

fb // rsvp

nigun collective

monday, march 13th @ 7 - 9 pm

fb // website

free && open to all


art house gallery and cultural center

2905 shattuck ave, berkeley, ca 94705